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Training & Exercise for CUBS aged 7 - 17

A grown bear, let alone a growing Cub can often find it difficult to excel in the world of exercise and training. We recognise that some Cubs need a more personalised approach to achieve their exercise and fitness goals, whether that be sport specific or within their general day to day lives. C.U.B.S to us stands for Champions Under BEAR Supervision. We pride ourselves on creating encouraging environments, positive and progressive changes in the lives of Cubs we work with, as well as developing their knowledge of varying training methods to best champion any and all obstacles they may come across in this ever changing world. 

We work with CUBS both one-on-one or in small groups on absolutely anything and everything:

  • Get in shape and/or burn fat

  • Improve fitness and endurance

  • Build muscle and/or increase strength

  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Improve confidence and concentration

  • Knowledge of nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and nutritional strategies

  • Sport specific training incl. Boxing, Rugby, Football, Weightlifting and more

Our aim for all CUBS is to teach them how to play games and exercise in a way that is enjoyable, effective and sustainable for the rest of their lives, develop their self esteem understanding and appreciation of their growing bodies no matter what shape, size or shade they are.

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