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Training in a with a group of BEARS (3-7) that have similar ambitions to you can really serve to motivate and inspire you beyond your perceived capabilities. The added motivation from training as a team and working with our positively minded Coaches, will help encourage you to Grin & BEAR IT when training is tough. You may also find a new sense of competition from working with other like-minded BEARS, that'll really have you BEASTING YOUR BEST.


Group settings can significantly advance your knowledge not just of what you're doing but why you're doing it, largely through having more heads around to share thoughts, experiences and achievements in mind with. Also asking the Bear next to you what was said or for another explanation, can feel a little easier for some and could even further the connection with whoever it is you're training with ensuring greater success towards your relatable goals.

Being part of a collective is an innate feeling in all of us, developing a connection with those you get GRIZZLY with can be vital in keeping consistent, achieving your goals & believing in your reasons for training. Having accountability in the knowing that you've got some to share in the experiences with can Unleash your RAW in such a way that can catapult you to exactly where you want to be more effectively, efficiently and enjoyably. 

So grab your best BEAR or BEARs and....



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