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Achieving your fitness goals and aspirations shouldn’t have to be a torturous endeavour, although I know the twisted satisfaction experienced in aching all over and giving it your best penguin impression after a series of tough leg exercises ;-P I whole heartedly believe getting fit and exercise in general, should be enjoyed and over my 11+ years of experience in training and motivating people to be healthier and fitter from elite athletes to couch potatoes, my results orientated sessions are formulated on evidence based training and nutritional recommendations.

I specialise in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Specific and functional movement-based exercise and am particularly interested in fat loss, full body strength development and Nutritional Strategies. I pride myself on listening to what you want to achieve and working with you to reach your goals. Your sessions will always be results-driven, enjoyable and tailor-made for YOU and YOUR goals; whilst giving you enough knowledge along the way, so that not only do you come away with the results you want, but gain an understanding of how you got there.

They Who Bear: Amahl


I have been a qualified group Exercise To Music instructor for too many years to mention! I am best known for my music and my energy in my classes-music is the match to my groove tinderbox! Expect a fab cardio dance experience from Salsa through to Soul, Disco, Funk, Soca, Reggae and Pop. I am all about you dancing and singing like no-one’s watching-having a great time and not realising that you’ve burned a ton of calories ‘cos you’re having too much fun! B.E.A.R with me-c’mon!

They Who Bear: Lurraine
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